Towards sustainable, medication-free, cost-effective animal production

“Phytobiotics is a term used to describe plant-derived natural bioactive compounds that promote livestock health and well-being and improve livestock growth and production efficiency “ (Wu and Wu, 2012)


Nor-Group is a group of Danish companies, located in a local community within Copenhagen. Most of the companies’ sales are abroad, primarily in other EU countries, and Asia.

The activities of the Nor-Group companies are centered around botanical feed-additives, aka phytobiotics or phytogenics. The first companies in the group, Dumas ApS and Nor-Feed A/S, were established in 1987 and 1988, respectively. In 1991, the company Nor-Food Denmark ApS was included, and in 1995 the company Nor-Natur ApS. The newest company – Nor-Vet, Nor-Feed International ApS – was established in 2006.

The companies in the Group develop for 3rd parties natural and other environment-friendly products and feed-additives that are safe for humans, for animals and for the environment. The companies market some products under their own label internationally. Mostly the products are included in feeds for farm-animals, and for some companion-animals, but some are used in agriculture and horticulture, and in the protection of the environment.

The group has a continuous cooperation with certain leading universities and research institutions, and has an extensive cooperation with Danish farms where many in vivo trials are done.

The group markets its products directly and indirectly, and via partners in many other markets.