Nor-Add A/S develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of highly effective natural additives for animals’ feed and drinking water. Most of the company’s sales are abroad, primarily in EU-countries, in South Asia, South East Asia and East Asia.

Nor-Add is specialised in efficient natural antioxidants and saponin-rich products that improve animals’ feed conversion.

Nor-Add has succeeded in building up a wide range of natural feed additives. These additives have properties that as a minimum are equivalent to antibiotic and chemotherapeutic growth promoters, and to environment polluting heavy metals like copper and zinc.

An important characteristic of Nor-Add’s main products are furthermore that they are as cost-efficient as were the antibiotic growth promoters, while they were still permitted in the EU.
Therefore, the company’s additives are efficient alternatives to the continuous use of medication in food-producing animals. This use has proven extremely dangerous for humans, animals and for the environment. Nor-Add’s natural additives are safe – for the humans working with them, for the animals receiving them, and for the environment.

The company has had several Danish and European patents issued, covering the most important products. New products are also developed continuously.

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